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Academic books
The Law Brigade (Book) Publishers

Academic Book Publishing

Academic Books are a result of an in-depth academic research, making an original contribution to the particular filed of study.

The Law Brigade (Book) Publishers is a publication house which publishes Academic Law Books (in eBook as well as Print Format) with ISBN Number and DOI.  

We offer sophisticated global marketing channels as well as a wonderful and attentive editorial experience. 

Why Publish Your Book With Us?

Open Access Initiative

Apart from regular publication, we also offer our author the option to publish their using the Open Access Model.

Quality Peer Review

Peer Review of any Publication is important. We will support you with a thorough but fast peer review process.

Network of Universities

The Law Brigade Publishers has a vast network of universities due to our strong journal presence. Network of University helps accelerate Book Promotion.

High Royalties & Revenues

We provide authors with around 10-15% Royalties which is double the market standard. Additionally, we also provide authors with 30% of Affiliate Revenue.

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