Challenges of Copyright and Cyber Space

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Book Title: Cyber Crime, Regulations and Security – Contemporary Issues and Challenges
ISBN: 978-81-956533-0-0
Author(s): Sania Dua & Dr Ritu Gautam
Published On: 15/11/2022
First Page: 245
Last Page: 253
Publisher: The Law Brigade Publisher


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Sania Dua & Dr Ritu Gautam, Challenges of Copyright and Cyber Space, 245-253, Published on 15/11/2022, Available at



This paper aims to analyze challenges of copyright and cyber space. The paper is discussing the points of view in relation to the positive and negative impacts of the intellectual property systems. It brings also into discussion to infringement of copyright in cyberspace in national and international sense. Loop holes and recommendations in comparison of Indian copyright laws to developed countries laws.


Keywords: Intellectual Property Rights, Copyright, Cyber space, Cyber security

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