The Average Span of Marriage in India and Its Present Changing Scenario

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Book Title: Marriages and Divorces in Indian Society
ISBN: 978-81-956533-4-8
Author(s): Riddhi Choudhury & Mouli Sanyal
Published On: 22/07/2023
First Page: 137
Last Page: 142
Publisher: The Law Brigade Publisher


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Riddhi Choudhury & Mouli Sanyal, The Average Span of Marriage in India and Its Present Changing Scenario, 137-142, Published on 22/07/2023, Available at



Marriage is a social institution where the purpose and forms are different in different cultures but it happens everywhere. Marriage can be stated as an universal institution created for the procreation of the future generation. Marriage exists in our society since a prolonged period of time and its ultimate goal is to have a life-long partnership; a bond that has been made in heaven and cannot be broken. However, the concept of marriage has changed now. The young generation does not believe in old religious concept on marriage, they seek a compatible companionship. The concept of unbreakable bond of married couples has changed as well; divorce is allowed now both socially and legally. In ancient India, marriage was considered sacred and people used to marry at an early age and in case of any marital dispute, divorce was never the solution so their span of marriage were long but now the present scenario is changing. Although, it is hard to explain the exact span of marriage but it can be said that the divorce rate of India is very less in comparison to other countries for various reasons that will be explained in detail.

Keywords: Marriage, social institution, different cultures, universal institution, procreation, future generation, life-long partnership, bond, heaven, changing concept, young generation, old religious concept, compatible companionship, unbreakable bond, divorce, ancient India, sacred, early age marriage, marital dispute, changing scenario, divorce rate, India, reasons.

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