Legal, Social, and Religious Implications of Same-Sex Marriage in India

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Book Title: Marriages and Divorces in Indian Society
ISBN: 978-81-956533-4-8
Author(s): Sheeba Varghese
Published On: 22/07/2023
First Page: 179
Last Page: 191
Publisher: The Law Brigade Publisher


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Same-sex marriage is a controversial topic in many parts of the world today. This abstract examines same-sex marriage’s legal, social, and religious implications and also existing laws and policies, as well as recent court rulings, and the impact on individuals of different backgrounds. It discusses the ways in which same-sex couples are denied basic rights and the ways in which they are able to access these rights in some countries. The abstract also looks at the debate over marriage equality, and the implications of same-sex marriage for religious organizations. This paper examines the legal and social recognition of same-sex marriage in India. It reviews the current state of the law on same-sex marriage and the legal and social implications of the Supreme Court of India’s 2018 decision to decriminalize homosexual behaviour. It also evaluates the potential for same-sex marriage to be legally recognized in India in the near future. Additionally, it looks at the impact of same-sex marriage on Indian society, and how the Indian government is responding to the issue. The future of same-sex marriage in India is uncertain, but there is hope that it will eventually be legalized. Until then, same-sex couples in India will have to continue to fight for their rights and push for legal recognition of their relationships. Finally, the paper concludes by highlighting the importance of educating the public about the issue of same-sex marriage and the potential for it to benefit India and its citizens.

Keywords: Same-Sex Marriage, Legal, Social, And Religious Implications.

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