Live-in Relationships: Impact on Marriage Institution in India

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Book Title: Marriages and Divorces in Indian Society
ISBN: 978-81-956533-4-8
Author(s): Sanghapriya Ray & Prof. (Dr.) Komal Vig
Published On: 22/07/2023
First Page: 144
Last Page: 158
Publisher: The Law Brigade Publisher


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Sanghapriya Ray & Prof. (Dr.) Komal Vig, Live-in Relationships: Impact on Marriage Institution in India, 144-158, Published on 22/07/2023, Available at



In India, where marriage is seen as a sacramental institution, a man and woman must join themselves together through the institution of marriage in order to coexist. However, a brand-new idea known as “live in relationship” has evolved in the twenty-first century. Living together without getting married is referred to as a “live in relationship.” Although relatively new in India, this idea is catching on quickly. The idea of a live-in relationship has been established and legalised in several Supreme Court decisions. It should be noted that the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 does not include living together, hence some people view this as an illegal relationship. Legality of live-in relationships is very debatable, particularly in India, where traditions are highly valued and breaking them is regarded as sinful. A live-in relationship is one that does not confer the same privileges and obligations as a legally recognised marriage does. Women are not under any obligation to support the guy, and men are not under any obligation to the women. You may describe it as a walk-in/walk-out relationship. Not because they are married but because they desire to live together, the two people cohabitate with each other’s agreement. Is this form of relationship recognised? is the key question. The answer is yes, despite the fact that no statute or other piece of government legislation recognises a live-in partnership. However, the Supreme Court of India has given a live-in relationship legal support through a number of rulings.

Keywords: Live –In Relationship, Marriage, Institution, Society, India, Legality

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