Cyber Crime in India with Special Reference to Women, Children and Senior Citizens

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Book Title: Cyber Crime, Regulations and Security – Contemporary Issues and Challenges
ISBN: 978-81-956533-0-0
Author(s): John T Laldingliana, Dr Sanskriti Mishra & Dr. Ritu Gautam
Published On: 15/11/2022
First Page: 73
Last Page: 89
Publisher: The Law Brigade Publisher


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John T Laldingliana, Dr Sanskriti Mishra & Dr. Ritu Gautam, Cyber Crime in India with Special Reference to Women, Children and Senior Citizens, 73-89, Published on 15/11/2022, Available at



With the increasing use of computers in society, cybercrime has become a major issue. And now cybercrime is one of the most complicated issues of the cyber world. “Cybercrime is basically an illegal act in which a computer is either a tool/ mean or target”. The evolution of the internet provides easy access to data and information from anywhere over the globe. Any person can access the information over internet from their any place in the world. However, there are some drawbacks also. Instead of being benefitted with the facilities of internet, some peoples tend to misuse the computers and internet for crime. There are different categories of have taken birth over internet as cyber pornography, cyber defamation, cyber bullying, cyber grooming, cyber stalking, email bombing, carding, cheating and fraud, virus attacks, web jacking, hacking etc. In this article, the author analyzed the easier access to internet and social media resulting in increasing cyber-crimes against women, children, and senior citizens in Indian society. There are several crimes known and unknown to normal person through which mostly women get victimized in way of Cyber staking, Harassment through e-mails, cyber-sex, Cyber defamation etc. and other than these crimes, crime minds use the cyber world’s tools for child abuse which is also serious as it impacts the innocent minds of children. The crimes against the children using computer and internet are having different facets as exposure to sensitive content, possession, production and distribution of child pornography, cyber harassment, and sexual abuse, cyber bullying etc. Along with women and children, there is one more descendant who is easy target to cyber-attackers. Within the last decade, the number of senior citizens has been increased significantly among the internet users. It has been recorded in the past decade that senior citizen had the greatest rate of increase in Internet usages among all other age groups. However, senior citizens are prone to be targeted and exploited by cyber criminals specifically for financial crimes.

In this paper, the researcher discussed the various categories of cybercrimes which are commonly imposed upon a woman, children and senior citizens, further the researcher analysed that how these crimes adversely affect them. The researcher also briefly examined the various laws for the protection of women, children and senior citizens; (i) Information Technology Act (2000), (ii) Constitutional liability, (iii) The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, 2012, (iv) The Indian Penal Code (IPC), 1860

Lastly, the author focuses on the remedies available to the victims of cybercrime and the changes required in the legal system to effectively curb the rising spirits of cyber criminals.


Keywords: Cyber Crime, Women, Cyber pornography, Cyber defamation, Cyber bullying, Cyber grooming, Cyber stalking, Children and Senior Citizens

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