Cybersecurity and Sustainable Development

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Book Title: Cyber Crime, Regulations and Security – Contemporary Issues and Challenges
ISBN: 978-81-956533-0-0
Author(s): Nikita Deo & Prof Anita Singh
Published On: 15/11/2022
First Page: 188
Last Page: 197
Publisher: The Law Brigade Publisher


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Nikita Deo & Prof Anita Singh, Cybersecurity and Sustainable Development, 188-197, Published on 15/11/2022, Available at



Sustainability and Cyber security are essential to gain the competitive edge in the firms and development of overall economies. This needs to develop Trust in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Keeping in view the current trends in technological, ethical, economic and legal environment, Trust is considered to be crucial for business and it fosters both sustainability and cyber security. It is pertinent for the Government and business firms to create a balance between the latest technologies and adoption of the stress –tested technology without hastening to be the earliest adopters of new technologies. Research suggests the socio-economic importance of trust in security of digital environment considering the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG). It is very pertinent to understand the mechanism for the effective use of innovative technologies for the realisation of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), and also how to track them. In the absence of effective cybersecurity practices, the organisation would substantially undermine the financial and reputational costs of cyberattacks.

The purpose of the research is to explore elements of sustainable management into cyber security that would help in reframing the perceptions of cybersecurity from fear, uncertainty and a doubt to a more proactive mind-set of opportunity, dynamism and transformation.

The emphasis of this paper is to conceptualise the balance between sustainable development goal and cybersecurity. Analytical research methodology will be adopted to understand the concepts, opinions or experiences.


Keywords: Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Cybersecurity, Trust, Information Communication Technology (ICT).

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