Intricacies of Divorce Unraveled: A Comprehensive Analysis of Legal and Social Aspects

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Book Title: Marriages and Divorces in Indian Society
ISBN: 978-81-956533-4-8
Author(s): Alisha Verma
Published On: 22/07/2023
First Page: 18
Last Page: 27
Publisher: The Law Brigade Publisher


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Alisha Verma, Intricacies of Divorce Unraveled: A Comprehensive Analysis of Legal and Social Aspects, 18-27, Published on 22/07/2023, Available at



Marriage, which is seen as a fundamental sankar in Indian culture, confronts formidable obstacles in the modern period as divorce rates rise. This essay tries to present a theological analysis of divorce’s root causes and chart the evolution of these tendencies across history. This research aims to provide a thorough grasp of the topic by looking at the legal and societal factors that have impacted the changing divorce trends in modern times. It explicitly looks into a number of acknowledged grounds for divorce that are recognized in many legal systems, such as fault-based divorce, the irretrievable breakdown of a marriage, and no-fault divorce.

The study sheds insight on the complex interaction between legal and social elements in determining divorce patterns by analysing the socio-legal frameworks that shape divorce laws and practices. The study investigates how the dynamics of marital breakdown are influenced by shifting gender roles, financial restrictions, and cultural perceptions on marriage and divorce. The researcher has conducted the study through doctrinal method of research. Primary sources such as legislations are used to analyse the law related to divorce in India. Secondary sources such as articles in journals and newspapers are used to analyse the pattern and causes of divorce and possible ways to mitigate them. The study seeks to comprehend the reasons for divorce as well as its trends. It also hopes to provide ideas for improving the social and legal frameworks that regulate marital dissolution. This research aims to contribute to the development of strategies and treatments that support stronger and longer-lasting marriages by uncovering the underlying causes of divorce and its effects. The ultimate goal is to promote more understanding and discussion about divorce within the Indian cultural context in order to build a more solid foundation for future marriages.

Keywords: Tradition, Marriage, Gender roles, Divorce, Marital, Society

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