The Effects of Single Parenting on the Mental Health and Well-Being of Young Adults: A Comparative Analysis with Two Parent Households

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Book Title: Marriages and Divorces in Indian Society
ISBN: 978-81-956533-4-8
Author(s): Aarthy G
Published On: 22/07/2023
First Page: 1
Last Page: 16
Publisher: The Law Brigade Publisher


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Aarthy G, The Effects of Single Parenting on the Mental Health and Well-Being of Young Adults: A Comparative Analysis with Two Parent Households, 1-16, Published on 22/07/2023, Available at



Single-parent families have been experiencing a significant increase on a global scale in recent times, understanding the potential effects on the psychological development of young adults has become increasingly important. This study compares and analyses the impact of single parenting on the mental health and well-being of young adults, contrasting it with the outcomes observed in two-parent households. Drawing on a comprehensive review of empirical studies and scholarly literature, this analysis underscores the psychological dimensions that highly influences the mental health of young adults raised in single-parent households. Factors such as parental involvement, economic stability, family structure, and social support networks are examined in relation to their influence on the outcomes of single-parent families. The findings suggest that young adults raised in single-parent households may experience unique challenges that can impact their mental health. The absence of one parent in their daily lives may lead to feelings of abandonment, identity confusion, and emotional stress. Comparatively, young adults from two-parent households generally exhibit higher levels of psychological well-being due to the presence of two parental figures, potentially providing increased emotional support and guidance. However, it is essential to note that the effects of single parenting on young adults’ mental health are not uniformly negative. Factors such as the quality of the parent and child relationship, support from extended family members, and community resources can serve as protective factors and mitigate some of the challenges that are faced by single-parent led families. This analysis underscores the need for appropriate interventions and support systems to address the specific mental health needs of young adults raised in single-parent households. By recognizing the unique circumstances and challenges faced by these individuals, policy makers, educators, and mental health professionals can develop strategies to foster resilience and well-being among this population.

Keywords: Single Parenting, Mental Health, Well-Being, Young Adults, Comparative Analysis, Two-Parent Households

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