Cyber Crime, Regulations and Security - Contemporary Issues and Challenges


Book Title: Cyber Crime, Regulations and Security – Contemporary Issues and Challenges

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ISBN (eBook): 978-81-956533-0-0

Edited By: Prof. Dr. Pradeep Kulshrestha, Prof. Dr. Anita Singh & Prof. Dr. Ritu Gautam

Book Type: Conference Proceedings

Conference Name: National Conference On “Cyber Crime, Security and Regulation” (CCSR)- 2022

Organizer: Sharda University, Greater Noida, India


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An Analytical Study on Cyber Crime against Children

The Internet has become the most powerful channel for communication in recent years. In this time of pandemic, it has taken place in the lives of everyone in a variety of forms such as education, communication, business, social networking, online shopping, and online transaction, etc. During this pandemic period, children are more exposed to online

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Jurisdictional Challenges in Cyberspace – A Critical Legal Analysis of Legal Theories and Laws in India

Unlike the conventional world, the virtual world does not have territorial boarder, political barriers and territorial demarcation. The Cyberspace is the only place which devoid of any state/ country and boundaries. The global standards have converted the entire world into one group: One Global Place with extensive potential to exchange information with the help of

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Neuro – Based Jurisprudence in Cyber Verdicts

Neuroscience does not offer life’s questions as these are normative in character. What visions can behavioral knowledge offer cyber verdict makers and responses (interaction) with those they lead?  What management graces, dispositions and comportments are efficacious and on which catalogs? What can we learn about reward mechanisms and organizational design vis-à-vis these findings? Judges deliver verdicts

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Digitalization and Socio-Legal Challenges

Based on six major technologies the Internet of Things, robotics, biometrics, persuasion technology, virtual & augmented reality, and digital platforms we address the social and ethical challenges that digitization raises. Our research of the scientific literature on the dominating technologies reveals six repeating themes: privacy, autonomy, security, human dignity, justice, and. In this paper, we

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India’s Cybercrime, Cybersecurity and Cyber Regulation

Each moment, one person in India becomes an internet user. With its combination with meticulously maintained stages and apparatuses, sheltering guardians and understudies from cybercrime is proving to be a difficult undertaking. However, the underlying reality is that internet users are not being updated on helpless digital hazards and security difficulties at the rate at

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Right to Privacy in Cyberspace

Cyber privacy is a disputed and unsettled issue in legal jurisprudence around the globe. The power of the new slogan, termed ‘Information Technology,’ has engulfed the present cosmos in the modern era. Individual privacy has risen to the forefront of the Jurisprudential conscience as a result of the sempiternity of knowledge in the midst of

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Cyber Crime: Child as a Perpetrator, Child as a Victim

The web of cyber world is moving rapidly like a galloping horse with the introduction of novel technologies every second, penetrating its roots amongst masses and particularly in teenagers. At times, this penetration takes us to the dark side of this cyber web which entraps people into a pool of cyber-crimes, often affected by socio-economic

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Cybercrime against Women, Children and Senior Citizen

In present day scenario, the cybercrime is on the verge of rising and everyone is being a victim of such cybercrime which are happening worldwide by just a click on the computer and with the internet. The advance technology of the internet has definitely threatened the legality of the laws. Any person having an access

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Cyber Crimes against Marginalised and Vulnerable Groups in India

Cyber space and its regulation are a fast-developing arena, having multidisciplinary disciplinary approach to tackle the innovation, technological developments and cybercrimes emerging from interactions in cyberspace. The potential victims are those marginalised group who need socio legal support to become aware, prevent themselves from falling prey to such crimes and getting speedy justice, remedy and

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Net Neutrality: Need for a Level Ground for all Players

Technology in recent times has reformed the world economy and has drastically increased the economic accessibility, prompted the progression of the business community. Given the traumatic pandemic of Novel Covid-19, technology as inasmuch easy access to the internet has brought the world together to overcome the pandemic, be it business, imparting education, governance and above

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Intelligent System for Diagnosis of Pulmonary Tuberculosis using Machine Learning

In this research, model development is carried out under supervised learning, as the system tries to correct and update itself by comparing the outcome with the target result. After all, only one model category is used, enhanced model performance through substituting the selected features with high sensitivity and low accuracy in clinical knowledge. The experimental

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An Overview of Cyber Pornography in India

This paper talks about the meaning and concept of cyber pornography. This paper draws light on the impact of cyber pornography and the emerging trend of cyber pornography. At the same time this paper also focusses on the current position of Indian law dealing with this cyber pornography. This study will also bring to light

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The Nuanced Forms of Sexual Violence in the Online Environment

With trending globalization, massive challenges are being faced by International and National Criminal Law.[1] It is not always the facilitated acts of gender violence but even the threats of such acts which result in psychological, physical, and sexual harm to the women, children, and their dignity. There is no universally applicable criminal law regime regulating

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Challenges of Copyright and Cyber Space

This paper aims to analyze challenges of copyright and cyber space. The paper is discussing the points of view in relation to the positive and negative impacts of the intellectual property systems. It brings also into discussion to infringement of copyright in cyberspace in national and international sense. Loop holes and recommendations in comparison of

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Cyber Crime: Legal Issues and its Legal Remedies

Cybercrime, e-crime, Internet scams, etc. are all terms used to describe illicit activities using one system or a whole network. With the development of technology and also the Internet’s secretive character, it is now possible for people with little technical ability to generate money fraudulently without leaving their house, and cybercrime is rising as a

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Cybersecurity and Sustainable Development

Sustainability and Cyber security are essential to gain the competitive edge in the firms and development of overall economies. This needs to develop Trust in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Keeping in view the current trends in technological, ethical, economic and legal environment, Trust is considered to be crucial for business and it fosters both

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International Initiatives to Combat Cyber Crimes

Nowadays, many services are available over internet such as internet banking, shopping, ecommerce and other n number of services that are increasing in both number and size as the internet advents, so does cybercrimes. The effect of cybercrimes on the society is huge. The authorities are trying really hard to provide cyber security to both

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A Critical Analysis of Legal Challenges of E- Contracts in India

The Indian Economy stands on agriculture, banking, finance, manufacturing sector, business sector, etc. The e-governance in these sectors has gained new heights even in the pandemic. The constant threats and issues related to cyber security have plagued the system at every level, especially fraudulent E-contracts. Even the Reserve Bank of India has acknowledged the uncertainties

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Cyber Crime, Security and Regulation in India

In India every single moment one individual become internet users. Its union with carefully upheld stages and devices, shielding the guardians as well as understudies from the cybercrimes is turning into a challenging task. Notwithstanding, the squeezing the truth is that the internet user are not getting refreshed on the helpless Digital dangers and security

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Legal Challenges arising with Artificial Intelligence

It is indisputable that the world stands on the ground of faith in the justice system. It won’t be an understatement to say that the steel curtains of development frequently blind us from the ethical world. The ability of a robot or a computer to discrete, procreate, and absorb from the actions of a human

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Impact of Cybercrime on Children & Adolescents

The term “cybercrime,” which refers to an offence committed via the internet, is well-known around the world. When it comes to cyber security, it’s the newest and most complex issue. A computer is either the tool or the target of a cybercrime. People throughout the world may now easily access information and data thanks to

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Cyber Crimes in Banking Sector in India: A Critical Analysis

As we are well aware that the Indian Banking industry is old and it is very fact that that any changes are brought in this industry since liberalization only.  The Indian banking system is well regulated and supervised, it involves moral practice, financial distress and company governance. It is regulated and well supervised by the

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