Marriages and Divorces in Indian Society


Book Title: Marriages and Divorces in Indian Society

Book DOI:

ISBN (eBook): 978-81-956533-4-8

Edited By: Prof. (Dr.) Neeti Pandey, Dr. Ritu Gautam, Dr. Avinash Krishna Goswami, Dr Sanskriti Mishra, Ms. Nitika Das, Ms. Sheeba Varghese & Ms. Fowmina C.

Foreword By: Hon’ble CA Suresh Prabhu (Former Union Minister, Govt. of India)

Book Type: Edited Book

Publisher Name: The Law Brigade Publishers

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Book Chapters

Exploring the Recent Trends of Divorce in India

The current socio-legitimate investigation on the advancement of laws on Hindu Marriage Dissolution and the degree of unification is primarily based on exploratory and diagnostic fact discovering, which provides a guide for deciding whether this critical part of individual laws of various religious networks can be made uniform or not. The disintegration of Hindu marriage’

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Legal, Social, and Religious Implications of Same-Sex Marriage in India

Same-sex marriage is a controversial topic in many parts of the world today. This abstract examines same-sex marriage’s legal, social, and religious implications and also existing laws and policies, as well as recent court rulings, and the impact on individuals of different backgrounds. It discusses the ways in which same-sex couples are denied basic rights

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Effect of Single Parenting

A single-parent family is one in which both biological parents work full-time jobs outside the home and provide financially for the child or children. Divorce, separation, the loss of a spouse, or the choice to raise a kid alone are just some of the situations that might lead to this. Single parenting can present unique

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Live-in Relationships: Impact on Marriage Institution in India

In India, where marriage is seen as a sacramental institution, a man and woman must join themselves together through the institution of marriage in order to coexist. However, a brand-new idea known as “live in relationship” has evolved in the twenty-first century. Living together without getting married is referred to as a “live in relationship.”

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Traditional Perspective on Marriage and Current Trends in Indian Society

One of the most profound and intricate human partnerships is marriage. It is a society’s foundation. It entails a societal sanction, typically in the form of a religious and social ceremony, approving a sexual relationship between two people of different sexes. According to Dr. Radhakrishnan, former president of India, marriage is an underlying requirement of

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Reason for Divorce

The process of ending a marriage or partnership is called divorce (sometimes referred to as separation of wedding). The statutory obligations and duties of wedding can usually abolished or rearranged as a consequence of a divorce, that breaks the relationship of marriages among both spouses under the legislation of the particular nation or area. One

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A Study Uncovers the Root Causes of Marital Discord and the Effectiveness of Mediation in Resolving Such Conflicts

In India, the institution of marriage is undergoing a paradigm shift and is afflicted with prevalence of domestic discord. Domestic dispute is no longer just an occurrence; it has become an ongoing epidemic.  There is a paradigm shift towards making marital decisions based on temporary liking or initial attraction without giving serious considerations to personal,

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A Study of Evolving Notions of ‘Marriage’ as an Institution in the Mass Media

If “the medium is the message”[1] (McLuhan, 2001), then the mass media has been showing the institution of marriage as constantly evolving notion; from the ‘personal’ to the ‘societal’. In contemporary society, the institution of marriage has permeated beyond the notions of the religious sanction to that of societal sanction. Evolution of the institution is

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Unveiling Equality: Paving the Way for Inclusive Marriage Rights

Homosexuality stands as one of the most contentious and hotly debated topics across the globe and also delves deep into the realms of human rights. Amidst a world where 80% find themselves as heterosexual, 3% as homosexual, and 4% as bisexual, these statistics alone testify to the undeniable presence of diverse sexual orientations in society.

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A Critical Analysis of India’s Growing Domestic Violence Problem

The concept of power asymmetry in gender relations within society is a primary driver of violence perpetrated against women. The perpetuation of violence against females is often reinforced by systemic disparities in the media, politics, and religion, as well as biased cultural norms. The issue of aggression directed towards women is a pervasive phenomenon that

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The Effects of Single Parenting on the Mental Health and Well-Being of Young Adults: A Comparative Analysis with Two Parent Households

Single-parent families have been experiencing a significant increase on a global scale in recent times, understanding the potential effects on the psychological development of young adults has become increasingly important. This study compares and analyses the impact of single parenting on the mental health and well-being of young adults, contrasting it with the outcomes observed

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